ssr longchamp

Alloy Labels

$10.00NZD Each (NZ customers add 15% GST)

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Price is per label


These labels are high quality anodized aluminium to authentically replace the original labels that may be damaged or missing from your wheel or centrecap.


Centrecap labels:


1) Jilba Racing (Ø30mm)

19) Longchamp M1 (Ø30mm)

4) SSR Casablanca (Ø30mm)

5) SSR Longchamp (Ø30mm)

2) SSR Starshark (Ø30mm)

8) SSR Star Formula / SSR General (Ø30mm)

1) SSR Mk3 (Ø43mm)

3) Volk Mesh (Ø40mm) 

6) SSR Formula Mesh (Ø50mm)

7) Hayashi Bomber (Ø52mm)

9) SSR Winmesh (Ø59mm)

10) Hoshino Impul G5 (Ø56mm or Ø63.5mm)

11) Hayashi (Ø53mm)

13) Focus Racing (Ø59mm)

14) Cross Fe'ver (Ø45mm)

15) Zona Speciale (Ø55mm)

16) Riverside (Ø49mm or Ø57mm)

17) August Feroce (Ø53mm)

18) Super Star Racing (Ø45mm)


Face and lip labels:

1) Longchamp M1 (50mm x 18mm)
2) Hoshino Racing (82mm x 14mm)
3) Longchamp (50mm x 13mm)

Adhesive backed

Please ask about labels you require that are not listed

Made in NZ