How much will shipping be?

Shipping varies by country and package size. Approximate shipping rates are shown in the table. Please ask for a detailed shipping price

How much will I pay in tax?

For international customers it is possible that duties and taxes will apply on entry to your country. These vary by country so it is recommend you familiarize yourself with these before making a purchase.

New Zealand based customers will pay 15% GST as listed

What payment options do you accept?

Standard payment options are bank deposit or Paypal. Other payment methods can be used on request.

Paypal transactions will incur an additional 3.9% fee

Bank deposits from outside New Zealand will incur a 20NZD fee

Standard payment on parts with a lead time is 50% up front with the remainder on completion.

How long will it take to build my wheels?

The time taken to supply wheel barrels or build/rebuild wheels is usually between 1 week and 2 months depending on what parts are in stock. Please enquire for details

Why are most Pine wheels sold for race use only?

Any wheel built with Pine Engineering barrels is sold for competition use only as these parts have not been tested for road use.