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SSR Star Formula Centrelock 13"

Single wheel as is:
$500NZD International customer price
$575NZD New Zealand customer price (including 15% GST)


Single wheel refurbished:

$750NZD International customer price
$860NZD New Zealand customer price (including 15% GST)


Please contact us for purchase and shipping info


SSR Star Formula 13" centrelock 

Only one still available

PCD: Centrelock (6x89 for drive pins)

Size: 13x10 et0

These are very rare original SSR race wheels. Info about the car they were fitted to is sparse, they were possibly on a March 822 run in Japanese Formula Atlantic in the early 1980s. Pictured on car here

These wheels are available to purchase as singles for display purposes or as a pair. Prices are listed for as is condition and refurbished condition as per the list below, but custom finishing is possible (these cannot be widened as Pine does not offer lips to suit).

Refurbished price includes:

  • New SSR valve
  • Replated/new fasteners
  • Outer lip polished with original black anodise on tyre side
  • Centre painted and spokes diamond cut
  • Inner barrel painted silver on inside and polished on tyre side


It is possible that duties and taxes will apply on entry to your country. We recommend you familiarize yourself with these before making a purchase.

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