Autobahn Racing FX 15"

Autobahn Racing FX 15"

Refurbished and widened with new lips:
Price for a set: $3450NZD (NZ customers add 15% GST)


Please contact us for purchase and shipping info


Autobahn Racing FX

Rare wheels, only one set available. Pictured in the pre-rebuilt state

Refurbished and widened to your chosen colours and widths


Set of four


PCD: 4x114.3 (Redrill available at additional cost)


Width and Offset options when widening:   


  Size              Lip Width
 7J   +7                 2.5"  
 7.5J 0                  3"   
 8J   -6                 3.5"  
 8.5J -13                 4"   
 9J   -19                4.5"  
 9.5J -25              5"   
10J   -32            5.5"  
10.5J -38                6"   
11J   -44             6.5"  
11.5J -51                7"   
12J   -57               7.5"  
12.5J -63              8"   
13J   -70               8.5"  


Included are the following:

  • New chrome valves 
  • New fasteners
  • New 6061 polished lips
  • Fresh paint
  • Unwelded assembly
  • Centrecaps

Price is for the set using lips up to 5" wide, wider sizes may incur an extra charge


These wheels are for competition use only


It is possible that duties and taxes will apply on entry to your country. We recommend you familiarize yourself with these before making a purchase.